Coaching Services

The coaching staff at Hawi Wind Triathlon strictly limits the number of athletes we coach.  We offer only one type of coaching plan -- a full service, customized plan.  We believe that impersonal, one-size-fits-all coaching tends to lead to mediocre results and is generally not worth the price athletes pay for it.    

Our full service coaching includes real time performance monitoring and communications, race support and equipment advice.  The full service coaching plan allows us to customize your training with a high degree of specificity and will be particularly valuable to seasoned athletes who are attempting to break through to a new level of performance and beginners who feel the need for regular guidance as they learn about training and racing in a highly complicated new sport.  

*  During the initial consultation we will discuss your training, health and racing history, chat about any races you would like to target and set performance goals.  
*  We will test your fitness level in each sport to establish a baseline.  
*  Equipment consultation.
*  We will create a periodized training plan, provided one or two weeks at a time, depending on the predictability of your schedule, customized to your strengths and weaknesses.  We will communicate on a regular basis to monitor your progress, how you're feeling and whether we need to make modifications to your weekly plan.  We will also have a pre-race consultation that includes development of a race strategy plan, including nutrition advice.

If you're interested in working hard and achieving special results, please email us for pricing at