Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ironman Lake Tahoe Race Report

Weeks after surviving Ironman Lake Tahoe (IMLT), I was still busy repressing memories -- a blog-stopper if ever there was one.

For once, I couldn't find words to describe the race experience -- well, except by using words like "freezing" and "cold."  And this was making for a narrow story-line.

They say Eskimos have an unusually large vocabulary to describe ice and snow.  Conversely, I'm guessing, they probably have few words to describe stuff like sunburn or hot sand.

So a very deep vocabulary, but not particularly broad.

After Ironman Lake Tahoe, which was raced in the September 2013 version of the Polar Vortex, I found that I was thinking like an Eskimo.

"How was the race?" a friend asked.

"Freezing.  Frigid.  Frosty.  Icy.  Butt cold," I said.

"Bummer.  So how did you do out there?"

"I was slow -- I shivered a lot.  I raced like I had been frozen in a block of ice for 10 years and was chopped free just in time for the swim start."

"You sign up again for next year?"

My friends are not all geniuses.