Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fuego y Agua 50k, 100k, Survival Race Report

Nicaragua -- February 14 - 20

Fuego y Agua 50k Ultra Marathon

Ometepe Island, 2 a.m., race morning.  It's so early, the ants that live in our hotel bathroom are still asleep.  I flip up the toilet lid to see one lone soldier walking the edge of the toilet bowl.

I have butter cookies crushed into the floor boards of the room, and this ant is walking the porcelain canyon-lip in search of who-knows-what.  

So far, I'm no more impressed with the intellect of Nicaraguan ants than I am the Nicaraguan agency that built the Ometepe airport landing strip directly through the island’s main road.  

A loud gust of wind nearly takes the tin roof off our hotel room.  The metal groans and I hear an eerie howling from the monkeys living in the tall jungle next to the "resort".  I suspect that the howling has been initiated by the monkey who tried to pee on us from the tree top yesterday -- that guy hates us.

A rare monkey sighting.  Mostly they're loud.
Man it's early.  And in just a short while, I’ll be out there in the darkness running 50k around a live volcano and then up and into an allegedly dormant volcano.  And all of this through a hot, muddy jungle filled with those monkeys and, allegedly, snakes.  

Whose idea was this?  

Start line.  3:45 a.m.  Moyolgapa.

The night is sticky warm, with a light breeze from the south.  The air smells like wild animals.