Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fwd: Oceanside 70.3 Race Report

Oceanside, CA -- March 27, 2010 -- Oceanside 70.3

I'm blind. The race announcer says "go". I'd love to, but I'm staring at a wall of condensation  inside my goggles and I'm not entirely sure where to point my head.

Davis Stampede Half Marathon Race Report

Davis, CA -- February 7, 2010

Since this race report is merely for the benefit of my blog, I'll cut to the finish.  I finished in 1:33:35 -- a minute and a half PR -- which was both uplifting and a small bit disappointing.

Considering I was still training on my computrainer 10 hours before the start of the race, I shouldn't have been too shocked to find myself fatigued at the starting line.  And a PR is still a PR. 

On the other hand, nearly 50 runners broke the 1:30 barrier, some of whom were quite a bit older than me.  One old, bearded dude was running stooped over and might have been dragging his knuckles along the sidewalk as I tried to run him down in the finish shoot -- no luck there.

So that's how it went, no glory, not too gory, short story. 

The end.