Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ironman Canada Race Report

Penticton, Canada -- August 30

I hate it when a race hurts as much the day after as at mile 140. On the other hand, the pain confirms that you gave it all you had. And that can be comforting; particularly, when you're asking why the race didn't go as planned.

I woke up too early the morning after the race. I was sore and my brain wouldn't stop replaying the race. I rolled myself sideways out of the bed and limped to the bathroom, where my legs objected to squatting on the toilet. With a little creativity I figured that if I stood a couple feet further in front of the toilet and fell back, catching the toilet seat behind me, I could execute a triceps press into the seated position. Bad idea. When my hands hit the seat, my stomach muscles screamed bloody murder.