Friday, July 31, 2009

Vineman Full Aquabike

Windsor, CA -- August 1, 2009

I was gypped. I first noticed at the finish line.

I had raced for almost 6 and a half hours. For a guy who hadn't had a rest day in 3 weeks, I had pushed the bike 112 miles at a pretty decent clip -- way past the limits of my endurance -- arriving within 300 yards of the finishing chute. I could hear the announcer calling out names. The crowd was loud and the music was pumping. The noise was giving me a last badly needed boost of energy as I headed towards a raucous finish line.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vineman 70.3 -- 2009

Vineman 70.3
First, congratulations to everyone who raced. Like Nate says, 80 percent of life is showing up and we showed up. I can't count the number of TPBer's who shouted encouragement to me, but of those who I know, I registered Duane, Dorrette, Hailey, Rosie, Nick and Arianne and that was only about the half of it. I even got a nod from the ballistic missile that turned out to be John Dahlz sprinting the last couple miles to the finish.

And inspiration was to be had even after the race. Nick, who lost almost 10 minutes waiting for the fire department to clear a tree from the course, was cool as the other side of the pillow about his bad luck, saying, "hey, this stuff happens, I just felt bad for the guy who got hit by the tree. Who really cares about a bike split." Dude, I've whined about way smaller time losses than that, and I will again in this report. :) But, thanks for supplying a dose of perspective.